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Solution Makers by Cisco Mexico

Businesses are currently experiencing disruption. The supply of new technologies, the competition and the requirements of both, customers and market, demand changes and innovation of new groups.

At Cisco Solution Makers 2017, you'll have the opportunity to learn about the challenges that Financial, Retail and Hospitality industry experts are facing. You will have the opportunity to listen to their needs in this series of Hackathons that will be hosted at Mexico City and Guadalajara, during the month of October.

With Cisco technologies and tools, you will be able to develop and demonstrate solutions to the challenges these experts are facing. Two members of the two finalist teams from each city will present their proposal in front of a panel of executives and international leaders, within the framework of Cisco Live Cancun,
on Monday, November 7, 2017 *.

The Cisco Solution Makers winner** team will have full access to Cisco Live Cancun 2017; each participant will receive a Meraki Access Point and will receive support from Cisco experts to continue developing their solution to become an agent of change in the digital transformation of companies in this country.

* Finalists attending Cisco Live Cancun 2017 will receive their flight ticket, 1 hotel night and travel expenses paid.

** Two participants of the winner team; if a third participant of the winning team wants to attend Cisco Live Cancun 2017, he/she will receive the entrance ticket to the event. All other allowances run on his/her own.

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Participation Dynamics

• The goal of Solution Makers is to connect different groups that participate in the financial, retail and hospitality sectors, in order to find new approaches, disruptive solutions and promote their execution.
• The program looks to bring the industry knowledege to forums where students, developers and entrepreneurs can approach today's problems with a fresh vision and, from this scenarios be able to propose news solutions that, with the help of Cisco tools could take them from the conceptualization to the materialization of the product or service.
• In order to achieve this, Cisco will host three hackathons. The main problems and challenges that the financial, retail and hospitality industries are facing will be exposed at the begining, providing you with the opportunity to innovate.
• In each hackathon you will have Access to a portfolio of Cisco tools, as well as tutorials, expert advice and the support required to develop your prototype and business model. At the end of the hackathon, you will present a prototype of your solution and its benefits.
• Make up your multidisciplinary team - 3 to 5 participants.
• At the beginning of the event, each team will receive a kit consisting of an Arduino and a Raspberry, in order to generate their prototype, which they will have to return once the event is finished, in case they are not winners. Learn about the components here and remember to enter the webinar to know more about the capabilities of the teams.
• The teams will also receive an additional sensor kit. Learn about the components here.
• The proposed solution must contain at least one Cisco component (Spark or Meraki), it is important to participate in the webinars to know how to use them.
• Two teams will be selected as finalists in each hackathon. Two members out of the two finalist teams will be able to present their solution at Cisco Live Cancun 2017, with travel expenses for two days and a Day Pass for Cisco Live Cancun 2017 included.
• The grand finale will be held on November 7th, within the framework of Cisco Live Cancun 2017, in front of a panel of Cisco managers and industry experts.


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Each winner team will receive an Access Point Meraki and will be accompanied by Cisco experts to continue developing their solution and materialize it to become an agent of change in digital transformation of the country's companies participating in the Startup//Cisco workshop.

In addition, two team members will be awarded full access passes to Cisco Live Cancun 2017, Cisco's largest connectivity and technology update event for IT professionals worldwide.

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Challenges of the Financial Sector
Venue: Cisco Insurgentes Office
It is essential to bring an official ID to access the building.

October 19 - 20, 2017

RELEVANCE: Considering the incorporation of new technologies and competitors to the industry, as well as the change of preferences in the attention and services required by users, institutions have the challenge of regaining relevance to the user, participate in new markets, and promote financial inclusión, complying with established regulations.
OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE: With the challenge of including new communication channels, enabling the mobility and dynamism of users, financial institutions continue to look for ways to adopt the change, as well as improve their ability and efficiency to operate, offer their services and products in a better way and in a shorter time to the market.
INNOVATION: Technological trends are breaking in several industries, creating new markets or removing barriers.
From Machine Learning to Biometrics or Big Data, how could these technologies contribute to the Financial Sector?

Challenges of the Retail Sector

RELEVANCE: With the growth of new players in the retail industry, the behavior of consumers has migrated to digital platforms, changing the shopping experience at any time and from any place or device. Where the user experience becomes increasingly relevant.
INNOVATION: Technological trends like IoT, cloud, analytics are bursting into this industry, creating new buying experiences. How could these technologies contribute to the Retail Sector?

Challenges of the Hotel Industry
Venue: Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara
October 17 - 18, 2017

The Hotel industry is one of the most influential and relevant in the country. Due to the facilities in transport and communications at global level, the competition being faced is increasingly varied and less localized. That is why it seeks to incorporate new trends and adapt them with the characteristics of our country, while communicating them to the rest of the world.

Among the main challenges they face are:

  • • Change in the mentality of guests and visitors. Increasingly, consumers are looking for personalized experiences, according to their needs and interests, where companies that offer their services must know beforehand and adapt, eliminating frictions and meeting expectations.
  • • Adoption of Technology. With an endless number of recent developments and availability of solutions, companies in this field must identify which ones bring value to their customers and which allow them to know them better. Sensors, mobility and connectivity are some of the main areas of interest.
  • • Platform growth. In line with the changing consumer mindset, the interest in preferring personalized experiences that are developed from beginning to end, represents a challenge for the suppliers of a single service or product within the trip. The emergence of alliances, unions and programs among hotels, restaurants, retail and local companies represents an opportunity área to capitalize this trend.


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